The Death Penalty should be  imposed for corruptor

Assalamualaikum wr. wb.

Good morning, Ladies and Gentelmen

Recently there are some people  who corruption of state founds and  as we know  a few years ago there were some peole who corruption people’s money. One of is Gayus Tambunan. He is a corruptor that stolen people’s money. When his action was known by KPK. He was  put into prison but when he in prison he was bribed  turnkey for  having fun and his activity almost was not known by KPK. Long by long his activity was known by KPK, so he was imprisoned again in slammer and he got the penalty 6 years.

I believe that if death penalty does not do for corruptor, they will not be afraid to corruption. I wist to discuss  the lack of enferocment in indonesia and why the death penalty should be imposed for corruptor and people’s  views about the death penalty for corruptor.

The first of all, as we know that Indonesia is state law. This means that evirything related to the action of deviation has been arranged in order of state. For corruptor usually get pelalty 5-15 years but the punishment does not fit with what they do because their action has harmed innocent people. The corruptors usually hire lawyers to reduce their penalty or revoke their demans example as  Gayus Tambunan were awarded a penalty just some years in prison and it does not fit with the actions they have done.

The secondly, the deat penalty is very appropriate for corruptor because evry corruptor should be sentenced to death because they have hurt the country and their action like mouse is stealing food. This system is applied in order to eliminate the corruption in Indonesia because if only use prison System they will not be afread  to do corruption but if the death penalty  imposed for corruptor they will be afraid to do corruption beacause they are afread to dead. Chinese primer Zhu Rongzi has introduced a system of deat penalty for corruptors. He has prepared 100 coffins  where 99 for corruptor and 1 for him if he do corruption.

The third, society’s views that  thedeath penalty for corruptor assessed not violate the values of pancasila both related to the first principle one almighty god and second pilar humanition fair and civilized. Even the death penalty to corruptors precisely fit with pancasila For the realization justice and welfare society.

In  conclusin, corruptor in Indonesia usally get penalty 5-15 years but the punishment does not fit with what they do, so death penalty should be imposed for corruptor to eliminate corruptor in our country.


Thank you.